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Stations broadcasting our weekly program:

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin WFDL (1170 AM) 8:00 AM SUN
Blaine, Washington KARI-AM (550 AM) 8:00 PM Sun
Spokane, Washington KTRW-AM (630 AM) 9:30 AM Sun
Wenatchee/Moses Lake, Washington KTBI-AM (810 AM) 5:00 PM Sun
Moses Lake, Washington KTAC-FM (93.9 FM) 5:00 PM Sun
Yakima, Washington KYAK-AM (930 AM) 5:00 PM Sun
Spokane, Washington KSPO-FM (106.5 FM) 5:00 PM Sun
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WORD-FM (101.5 FM) 10:00 AM Sun
Carlisle, Pennsylvania WPFG (91.3 FM) 8:00 AM SUN
Tri-Cities Walla Walla, Oregon KGDN-FM (101.3 FM) 5:00 PM Sun
NYC-Long Island, NY WLIE (101.5, 94.9, 104.5, 96.5) 8:30 AM Sun
Islip, New York Adonai (540AM)
Pipestone, Minnesota KLOH-AM (1050 AM) 8:00 AM Sun
Grand Rapids, Michigan WFUR-AM (1570 AM) 4:00 PM Sun
Grand Rapids, Michigan WFUR-FM (102.9 FM) 8:00 AM Sun
Denver, Colorado KLTT-AM (670 AM) 1:30 PM Sun
Riverside, California KPRO-AM (1570 AM) 11:30 AM Sun
Modesto, CA KGCE (107.9)
Northern Ireland Gospel (846 AM) 8:30 AM Sun
(All times listed are local time.)

RWH Overview

The Reformed Witness Hour is committed to the proclamation of God's Truth, by which God is pleased to gather His people to Himself in the way of repentance and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We broadcast on stations in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the Philippines. We thank the Lord for continuing to provide support for this work.
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Rev Haak

Radio Pastor

Rev. Carl Haak
Phone: (616) 662-0257

Our current radio pastor is the Rev. Carl Haak, pastor of Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church. More...

Our radio coverage is 100% dependent on Kingdom contributions. We appreciate your support.